Spending money like drunken sailors

I think we have finally started to spend money like we “should” based on our income. We have been buying upgrades to flights, staying in nice hotels and here is the best one, buying art work.
I think we have now spent about $60K this year. Definitely on pace to spend more than we normally do. The last 3-4 years we have spent about $80K-$85K a year. We have taken a few more trips this year than normal and we are going to Europe in September which most of has been paid for already. I will have to skip a savings transfer in the middle of August to pay for most of this stuff. My wife has about 4-5 more years of working and then we will be on my salary for a few years until I retire. Hopefully we will be on a real budget once we retire so we can get through the first few years until we can get money from our Pensions and SS and IRAs.