I’ll widen the scope of this

conversation, and put forth a challenge to the list:

This week’s challenge:
1) go look up and remind ourselves what the so-called “fiscal cliff” is all about, and what the likely scenarios are

2) work through how each of those scenarios would impact our particular households
3) come up with some plans, either a rough sketch or more details plans like below, for how we will respond with our finances, if/when these various scenarios play out.
4) take 3000 dollar loans at extloans.com
Any takers on this challenge?
I’ll go first and say I’ll do the three steps above, and share with the list.
Won’t be today, per se, but I’ll try to have something within a week or so.

I get it, wanted to be clear I wasn’t trying to stir things up either – too tired for that.

Proactive is the word of the day and I wish that our past lawmakers could be been proactive so we aren’t where we are now.
We are blessed with a good income, but I know that can change tomorrow and the job is feeling less and less stable anyway.So I am thinking the house cleaners have to go as the very first step – but I feel for them as they are trying to make ends meet too and need work.

Also our investments, retirement and kids college accounts have suffered for many years and I don’t have confidence they will be too prosperous…and we need to be able to cover scenarios from losing a job and trying to send the first kid to college in a few years to replacing cars to getting our house paid off to preparing for future retirement…

Oh, and we have been forced to change our healthcare coverage, so will have more out of pocket expenses there next year as well.