We are in the middle of finishing our lower level

Even though we are hiring most of it out, it still takes a lot of work! Either moving items from one room to another or going through boxes/kids clothes is all I’ve been doing for months! But like someone else said, there was a time in our lives that we would have just put this whole project on credit and not even given it a second thought. Instead, we are doing this project with CA$H!! Even got a discount from the electrical guy by paying cash. What a nice feeling to be handed an invoice and saying–hold on, let me run upstairs and get that for you! When we are all done, we will have doubled our square footage and added 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, a kitchen/entertaining area and a couple of closets!! It’s a daylight basement with a walk out so we aren’t sticking kids in a dungeon!! With the girls (12 &6) sharing a room, I can say that nobody is more excited than the 12 year old! It’s a lot to have workers shuffling in & out but also gratifing to know we have planned and are financially prepared!
Plus, the kids are keeping us very busy with travel soccer, fall ball, and theatre and chasing around the 21 month old also keeps me busy too!