Oh I’m around, just been kind of busy.

I finished off the last of the merchandising shops I had scheduled and that kept me busy for a few days.You cannot imagine what a difference a change in mental state can make on those jobs.
The ones that were giving me so much physical pain had got to where they were taking me two hours, sometimes more, to do each because I dreaded doing them so much.I had 7 of those to do on Monday and Tuesday.Monday it took me nearly 8 hours (including driving time) to do the first three, and then another 2.5 hours to file them (inventories with lots of number entries).All day long I kept dreading the next day that I had four scheduled.I even talked myself in to possibly consider being late completing the one closest to home so I could just do three that day.I never do my jobs late, but I was seriously considering it.
Yesterday I got up and reminded myself that IF I could finish these last four on that day I would never have to do them again.Long story short, I finished the four jobs in five hours!!! And the report entry went a lot faster too.I think it was the idea I’d be free of them just as soon as the day was over.
Oh and for all those hours, I only made about $150, take out my fuel and the aspirin I had to pop to get through it… Better to be home working on the business and other things.
Attitude changing here in the house has been pretty big too.We only ate out once last week, the day we went to vote—early voting.The rest of the week we ate nice meals complete with breads and desserts each night.I figure right there I saved a ton of money because the guys ate the leftovers for work lunches.
A big change is the kitchen.You see when I’m tired, like so many other people, I tend to put off doing dinner dishes, let the leftovers build up in the fridge and well sweeping the floor is optional.I am proud to say that since I first started tinkering with the idea of not doing so many shops I have kept the kitchen shining clean.I know to some of you that is no big accomplishment, but for my kitchen to be that clean for going on three months straight now, without a single dirty dish being left on the counter EVER is pretty spectacular.