Going well thanks to Edward, we had some major expenses this year

nse year this year.
An accident in January left us needing to replace dh’s car.
A trip to Tennessee to see our son walk with his graduating class.
$500 graduation gift to beef up our son’s baby efund
Full replacement of the roof on the house
Second course of shingles on the garage
Refinanced the house to a 15 year at 3.09%
$1200 worth of car repairs so my car would pass inspection
Last week I had to finally give in and purchase new glasses.
We aside the money for the hotel and ferry for our mini vacation to Nantucket at the end of September.
This week we replaced my dinosaur of a phone with a new tracfone smartphone and I bought myself a Samsung Tab 4
The E-Fund did get tapped for about $750 to complete the roof and the full 1200 for my car repair. We have managed to rebuild the E-fund back to full. The sinking funds is still low at $700.